A River Worth Saving

  • A River Worth Saving

    A historic river that runs straight through the city of San Marcos is currently in danger. Even as you read this, time is precious, because part of the river is at immediate risk. Here’s what you need to know: Cape’s Dam is a historic dam that was built in 1867; Cape's Dam celebrates it's 150th anniversary this year; Cape's Dam is at risk of being removed. Cape's Dam is an essential variable to the overall well-being of the San Marcos River. For further information on the function of the dam, please visit www.savethesmtxriver.org.
    Why would we get rid of 150 years of history and risk destroying habitats? Brian Olson, President & Co-founder of “Save the SMTX River” is asking the same question. But, so are thousands of people who will be directly affected if Cape's Dam is removed. Save the SMTX river was established in June of 2016, and since then, support has grown tremendously in numbers that are hard to ignore. People are becoming clearer of the reality of the situation. At 150 years old, it’s undeniable that Cape’s Dam holds history, but that’s not the extent of the problem. Habitats, endangered species, veterans, and those who simply use the river for recreational use would be immediately affected if it’s removed.

    So, if all these people are supporting the rebuilding of Cape’s Dam, why not just rebuild it? That’s what all the fuss is about. Dr. Thom Hardy, Chief Science Officer, and professor at Texas State University – San Marcos is pushing to have the dam removed. However, the removal of such an artifact is not based on ideology, but simply boils down to measurable data, and numbers that should be immune to opinion. The story lies in the data, and it’s not adding up to why the dam would not be rebuilt. Want to see for yourself? Click here.
    What has changed in the last few years to create a logical and justified reason for the removal of Cape’s Dam so suddenly? That’s exactly what people are trying to figure out. Something is ruffling around behind closed doors, and that’s what is the most puzzling about the situation. Nevertheless, there’s no time to waste because time is of the essence. The best part is you might be able to play a part in helping save one of the most historic rivers in America.
    Here’s what you need to take away –
    1. -Removing the Dam would change the river in a way we’ve never seen before. It would decrease depths, increase velocity, and create a hazard in the left channel, created by Cape's Dam. Removal would cause it to go dry/stagnant.
    2. -Removing the Dam would directly affect recreational use of the river and the ecosystem including the endangered species which inhabit that particular area of the river.
    3. -Go like Save the River SMTX on Facebook, or visit them online to find out more information. You can also contact them if you have questions, or any additional information that could help save the river.
    4. -Like “Save the SMTX river” on Facebook, and visit their website @ http://savethesmtxriver.org with additional information and ways in which you can contribute.
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