Welcome back Bobcats! Hope your summer has been nothing but ah-mazing!
As much as we’re sad to let summer go, we couldn’t be more thrilled about this upcoming fall season.
With school quickly approaching, it’s time to get on our grind and start practicing healthy habits that we’ll stick to.
Here are some tips we find helpful to get us through the semester:


Although a new school year can be exciting, it can also be very stressful, and by stressful we mean GRADES.
First off, just remember that grades don’t define you. As long as you’re putting in your best work in a sensible time, that’s all that matters.
Don’t get too caught up and forget to enjoy life outside of school. #BREATHE  


While having a balance, make sure to set limits.
With hotspots like The Square, it’s really easy for us to say YES to everything!
Don’t fear that you’ll miss an opportunity by saying no. The Square will always be there.
Know where your time is going and how you’re spending it.


We’ve all heard it, "New semester, new goals!” Goals are great to have but mean nothing if you’re not willing to commit to them.
Write them down! Whether it be in your planner or on your cork board, have it somewhere where you’ll always be looking.


Playing catch up is not fun…especially when it’s the last week of the semester and you’re calculating what grade
you need to get on your final in order to pass. We’ve all been there!
Be productive and don’t wait last minute to do well on your homework/quizzes.
Starting early will help you out in the long run.


Sometimes having a visually nice study arrangement will encourage you to do better while studying and will actually make you want to learn. DIY’s are not only more affordable, but they allow you to be creative and put your own twist on what you make.
Head over to Pinterest and check out cool new DIY desk & dorm inspirations!
Those are our top tips for a successful semester and we hope that they were helpful to you!
We wish y’all nothing but the best this semester here at San Marvelous!
Here's to an organized year!

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Until next time, stay San Marvelous!


Author- Salicia Kol