Welcome back bobcats! Hope everyone had a great first week of the fall semester! Being the first week, things can begin to be hectic. With busy schedules, countless coffee dates, and unhealthy food chains on campus, a healthy living in college can be a challenge. We've all had one of those days where our dinner consisted of cake and ice cream...Let's move forward together and become the best version of ourselves we can be while still trying to tackle on school.
It's true what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Breakfast is the key to start your day and provides you with the energy and nutrients you need to get your day going. A quick and easy favorite of ours is a smoothie bowl. What is that you ask? Blend your favorite smoothie, pour it in a bowl, and top it off with your favorite fruit/granola!
In a rush and don't have time? Prep your breakfast the night before to ensure you'll have something to eat when you wake up.


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Need a little push to workout? There are hundreds of fit and motivational Instagram pages out there.
If Instagram isn't your choice of social media, Pinterest also has a wide variety of fit guides.


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Need a place to workout? If you're a student, you're most likely aware of the rec.
Don't hesitate to use it! Having it included in our tuition, we should make the most out of it!
Snack healthy yall! Here's a quick check list to bring next time you head to the grocery store:
Refillable Water Bottle
The hills/stairs on campus are NO joke...
Make your commute from class to class a little easier and carry a refillable water
to stay hydrated. H2O = BAE.
Smoothie Warriors
Need a quick pick me up like a cold refreshing smoothie? Perhaps a fresh Juice?
Our friends at Smoothie Warriors know just how to satisfy your needs!
Be sure to check out their menu online and let them know your friends from San Marvelous sent you ;)

Crazy Coco Friday $3

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Hope yall took away some helpful tips and continue to have a marvelous and healthy semester!

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Until next time, stay San Marvelous!


Author- Salicia Kol