ACL 2015 Survival Guide


Welcome back Bobcats! ACL is approaching this weekend and we want to make sure you're ready for it! With headliners such as Drake, The Weeknd, & The Strokes, the excitement is real.
We know that music festivals can be quite overwhelming so consider this your ACL 2015 survival guide:

1. WATERPROOF EVERYTHING! Especially ladies, racoon eyes are not cute! #waterproofmascara Forecast is looking clear for the 1st weekend, but if it happens to pour on the second like last year, be prepared and keep a rain poncho on ya!

2. GIVE UP MEETING YOUR SQUAD! Festivals = No signal. If you're planning on going to ACL with your friends, be sure to meet up with them before the festival as service is not the best upon arrival.

3. STAY HYDRATED! ...and not with JUST beer. It’s hot. There will be hundreds of dancing bodies around you at all times. With barely any breathing room, water will be your best friend.

4. WEAR SUNSCREEN! Whether you're there for just a day or all 3, be sure to have sunblock on you cause the sun and it's rays will be out. Being burnt is NOT fun!

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We hope you enjoy ACL and we can't wait to see your FAN PICS!

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Author- Salicia Kol