Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this is usually the time when everyone starts panicking about what to get their loved ones. You want it to be special but how do you get that perfect gift when you are a broke college student? Well, whether you are looking to show love for your significant other, family member or just a friend, here are 5 ways to get that perfect gift on a college budget.

  1. San Marvelous Texas Necklace


    You can never go wrong with jewelry on Valentine’s Day. This “Tiny Texas” necklace is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one and at a reasonable price. Not only does San Marvelous have super cute jewelry but they also have tons of shirts for both genders! Stop by the San Marvelous store  on the square for not only Valentine’s Day gifts but everyday apparel!

2. Get Crafty


As cliche as it sounds, it is always more meaningful when a present comes from your own two hands. I, personally, am not an artist but I could definitely find something easy and cute to make on Pinterest. Let your inner Van Gogh flourish and I promise your loved ones will keep this heart warming gift forever.

3. Food Is The Way To My Heart


Everyone loves food. Especially on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to cook something from scratch to show you care. Whether you order the heart-shaped pizza from Gumby’s or cook a nice meal, it shows that you care. Throw a Redbox movie in there and you could even pull out the rose petals, after all it is Valentine’s Day.

4. Sunset and a Picnic


It’s just like the movies and there’s nothing wrong with that! We live in the Hill Country so we need to take advantage of this. No matter where you live, there is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset with someone you care for. Throw in some cheap wine and chocolate covered strawberries and it will be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

5. Treat Yo’ Self


You thought I forgot about all the single ladies and gents out there? Ain’t no shame in being by yourself on Valentine’s Day. This day is all about you so get out there and make yourself feel nice!