A River flows through San Marcos and it may safe to assume that a part of it may run through the heart of Daniel Guerrero. After all he’s been in town all his life. You may be wondering…Who is Daniel Guerrero? Many recognize him as the former mayor of San Marcos for three consecutive terms through the years of 2010-2016. Truth is he’s been in San Marcos almost all his life, and the story behind his journey is quite interesting.

Daniel was born and raised in San Marcos, Texas. He graduated from San Marcos High school, and unlike many individuals who become eager to skip town after high school, he decided to stay local and become a Texas State Bobcat. He went on to earn a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. He had seemingly been in San Marcos all his life, but was hardly done from leaving his footprint.

Many people have visions of what they aspire to be as a kid, but he told us that the road to politics was never a clear path on his radar. It wasn’t until college when the pieces starting fitting together. “When I got into the university I became more involved, and a part of that is because I had some friends who were involved in student government”, said Guerrero. He became involved in student government, politics, and leadership. After earning his bachelors, Daniel decided to pursue his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and ethics from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.

Once completed, he returned to San Marcos and became an active member of the city council, and other small municipal organizations pertaining to the city. To give you a timeline this was around 2004. Six years later he ran for office and was sworn into his first term as the Mayor of San Marcos in 2010. He went on to serve three consecutive terms, and ended his career in 2016. After spending nearly third of his life in Local government, Daniel announced in 2016 that he would not be running for a fourth term.

“I didn’t run again because there are a lot of aspects in life that I have yet to experience.” He turned 40 in February. Can you blame him?

Remember that thing I said about him being here his whole life? Well yeah, he still hasn’t left. He is currently the Assistant Dean of Students for Student Development and Leadership at Texas State. “I hope to encourage students to find what’s moving inside of them, leave their own mark, and to follow their dreams.” He spoke to us about his time at Texas State University, and what made him come back to where it all started. “I am a product of the university, and I’m a bobcat at heart” said Guerrero.” It’s stories such as Daniel’s which bring out the spirit of Texas State, and the possibilities that can come forth with hard work ethic, and determination. To also find your own Texas State Spirit, and pass it on to others. If you ever find yourself wandering in San Marcos, stop by the Taproom and order the guacamole queso burger, cause yeah that’s named after him.



Brooks Robinson