San Marcos, we're back!

Holiday break is coming to an end and for some of it was fun and relaxing but for others; well it was kind of stressful. For those who have their own apartments or houses we've been back to work and back to our daily routines for about two to three weeks now. It’s great right now with no traffic, and the fact that I can actually get in and out of HEB within a reasonable amount of time is great!

But that is all about to change! It's time for everyone to make their way back to school and back to the reality of a broke college student. 

One thing that I’ve noticed is as you get older, is that you realize that “visiting home” can become more stressful than a blessing at times. It’s the holidays, and you are so excited to go home and see the family, but after the predictable fight between your parents and siblings, and you just sitting; watching, wondering what better things you could be doing in San Marcos. Or better yet, you are the one getting yelled at, just makes you miss being as far away from family as possible.

Then you have the multiple family gatherings filled with putting on a smile and explaining what you’re getting your degree in, and what your plans are for after college (which most of us still don’t know) about 100 times. It’s with good intentions, but you can just feel the judgment from their eyes when you say something they don’t agree with. We all love our families, just like a marriage, for better or for worse, but after about 3 days of that you’re ready to be back in good ol’ San Mo.

Going home does have its perks. For those who still live in their hometown where they went to high school, seeing old friends is always great! Being able to kick back with the old homies and reminisce on old memories is always something to enjoy!

Although school is right around the corner, this next week of relaxation and shenanigans should be enough of a fix until Spring Break in about 7 weeks!  

At the end of the day, being with family, the ones you love, and enjoying those moments will always be special and something to cherish. But with that being said, it always feels great getting back to San Marvelous. Where I can sleep in, not get yelled at for random stuff, and be in complete control of the remote control to the TV again! 

For the parents reading this, we know we aren’t perfect but reminding us of all of our flaws and complaints about everything just makes us pack up our bags and come back to our college town that much quicker, but we still love you! 

We hope everyone’s Holidays went as well as this semester will hopefully be!

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