Sprays Vs. Rays

It's winter and that means cold weather and pale skin. If it was up to me, I would have glowing, bronzed skin all the time. Tanning in a bed can be expensive, time consuming and really bad for your skin. A perfect alternative to bed tanning is spray tanning; here are a few reasons why.

Like anything else, there can be pros and cons of tanning. Tanning in a bed can put your body at risk by damaging your skin with ultraviolet rays which can cause premature aging and skin cancer. Studies have shown that people who tan regularly before the age of 35 have a higher chance of getting melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. I don't think teens and young adults realize the severity of this risk that we are putting ourselves in, myself included.

Why keep destroying your skin when you can get spray tans and still get the same glow!? Spray tanning is an easy and risk-free alternative to bed/sun tanning and you still get the same natural tan. 

San Marvelous, located on the square in San Marcos, just recently opened up their spray tanning salon in the store. Being conveniently located, reasonably priced and their overall professionalism should be enough to get you in there to tan! Contact San Marvelous today for prices and any other questions you might have!