• Welcome back Bobcats!

    Welcome back to school Bobcats! It’s so nice seeing some new and old faces around, especially with most of us being forced to stay inside the past couple of months. Seeing people moving into their new temporary homes and around San Marvelous, dorm room shopping, has been nice to see after this ch... View Post
  • Welcome back bobcats! Hope everyone had a great first week of the fall semester! Being the first week, things can begin to be hectic. With busy schedules, countless coffee dates, and unhealthy food chains on campus, a healthy living in college can be a challenge. We've all had one of those days w... View Post
  • Happy S U M M E R everyone! The sun is out, the boats are off deck, and 4th of July is right around the corner! Lost on what to wear for Americas birthday? We’ve got you covered. There's a lot (and we mean a MEOWntain) of new goodies to show you, so we’re going to start off with all things RE... View Post