Texas State University

  • Welcome back Bobcats!

    Welcome back to school Bobcats! It’s so nice seeing some new and old faces around, especially with most of us being forced to stay inside the past couple of months. Seeing people moving into their new temporary homes and around San Marvelous, dorm room shopping, has been nice to see after this ch... View Post
  • How To Be A Morning Person

    Welcome back Bobcats! Hope everyone had cozy Winter break. Still trying to adjust back to school schedule? Have no fear! We got you. Research has shown morning people tend to be happier and healthier. Here are some helpful tips we've found to become more of a morning person.  1. Sleep Early  ... View Post
  • Welcome back Bobcats, it's officially Flu season! With the weather changing and the temperatures dropping, we're all bound to come down with something whether it's the flu or a cold. With public places such as campus dorms, the library, the rec, and the shuttle, it's hard to avoid the germs. Here... View Post