The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and whether you watch football religiously or you’re just watching to see Lady Gaga at halftime, you are most likely going to be having a good time with your friends somewhere. Personally, I like the Super Bowl for the commercials. The big question is always, “where do y’all wanna watch the game?” so why not throw the party yourself? Here are some tips on how to throw an awesome Super Bowl watch party.



If you are on a budget, make your Super Bowl party BYOB but maybe make some jell-o shots or get a keg of beer. Try making up a drinking game with your friends like, “every time they talk about the deflate gate, take a shot.” Drinking games makes any occasion more fun!


The commercials are the best part, am I right? You can make a drinking game for them or have a contest for the best commercial. Either way, get creative and fun this Super Bowl.


What is a party without music? Yeah, the game will be on in the background but hook up to an aux or get a live DJ and get the party started!



I know when I think of big sporting events, or any events in that matter, I think of food. For this event, finger food and appetizers is always a good way to go. You could even have your friends each bring a sharable snack so there is enough for everyone.


Last but not least, invite your super crazy, fun friends to the watch party! Win or lose, we still booze!