Welcome back Bobcats!

Welcome back to school Bobcats! It’s so nice seeing some new and old faces around, especially with most of us being forced to stay inside the past couple of months. Seeing people moving into their new temporary homes and around San Marvelous, dorm room shopping, has been nice to see after this chaotic summer. Even though life seems to be returning to, somewhat, normal we do have to remember that there will be many changes on college campuses this semester. Some of these new changes at Texas State University include,  "flexible" face-to-face courses that use both in-person and online instruction to reduce classroom density. They will also be providing face-to-face classes for those who choose to do so or need it for a degree completion. Unfortunately, professors will be forced to change how they teach, as students will be forced to change the way they learn. On a brighter note, Texas State University seems to be doing everything they can to keep the campus a safe environment for everyone, new and old. The Dean of Students is also even asking for all students to quarantine for 14 days before their arrival on Texas State campuses to ensure the safety of others! Even though these do seem like scary times, we have to remember we are all in it together so the least we can do is make the most out of it here at the best university in Texas! 

Now instead of dwelling on the negatives, here are some fun things happening in the next few weeks. Bid day for both the sororities and fraternities here at Texas State University have started and exciting events surrounding bid day will be following soon! And not only that, it seems like football season will still be carried out, as of right now, so get your face masks and tailgate boots ready! 

We also have some exciting news for the 21 and up crowd here at Texas State University, we have been told that some of the bars are opening back up around The Square! There has been word that some of the bars in Austin that have been temporarily closed will be opening up soon, so we hope for the same here in San Marvelous! We are all hoping for a great year back in the best city in Texas, even with this pandemic going on, San Marvelous will never be boring! One thing that us Texas State kids know is how to make the best out of some of the worst times, so I can’t wait to see what this Fall 2020 semester has in store for us!